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Through our partners all around the World, Arab Business Leaders acts as business facilitator and advisory. Today we have developed a unique global footprint with a full-scale advisory businesses across the world in all the regions: Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and North & South America.

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Each member is a potential business facilitator


Arab Business Leaders offers to its members the capability to act as facilitator in a business transaction. Actually, each member is selected on his ability to bring new business opportunities to the rest of the members or on the personal business network that he/she will use to facilitate the closing of transactions.

How does it work?

The idea is simple: let's imagine a member based in Poland who wants to do business with another country, for example with Nepal. The Polish member has just to send to Arab Business Leaders team a description of his/her projects and ask to be linked to the Nepali members who match with his/her request (industry of business, city, etc).
After a Due Diligence on his/her project and a signature of agreement between him/her and Arab Business Leaders, we will help him/her and support him/her by being the intermediate between the Polish and Nepali members to make the project successful.

In order to respect compliance rules, each transaction is regulated and supported by Arab Business Leaders compliance team and external entities.

Arab Business Leaders can advise you on your business projects

Arab Business Leaders promotes business in the Middle East and contribute to the attraction of foreign investors in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.
We are driven by the will to provide to each client insightful advice, tailored to answer to the needs.
Our team can assist you, through our network and partners if you are a foreign company that wants to penetrate an Arab country by offering you a platform for:

- Fund raising,
- Consulting/ advisory to establish a company in the MENA region,
- Finding the best local partners (Arab company for a Joint Venture, etc),
- Finding local distributors,
- Representation in the region to sell your product/services,
- Promoting your brand in the Arab World,
- Facilitating access to capital and other resources.

An international network of business professionals

Arab Business Leaders is backed by a team of professionals utilizing extensive market knowledge and years of experience in business and investments in the Middle East. Our Investment Team is made up from a range of different skills including financial analysts, lawyers and accountants. The team has strong understanding of the GCC, Levant and North African markets and thus can give you the preliminary preparation to help you to set up a business in the region: consulting, written materials drafts, advisory. Our team has broad experience advising companies in a range of industries including:
energy, healthcare, industrials & business services, technology & media, telecommunications, and infrastructure & logistics.

We can help you to identify the best companies for a venture, either by doing an extensive ''study'' to select your best partner or just by giving you ''advice'' about the market if you do not have a previous Middle Eastern business experience.

If we together consider that your project requires further work, we can introduce you to the right and most efficient companies/people to assist you and make your project successful.

Our fields of expertise


Arab Business Leaders operates a globally integrated network of industry sector specialists.
Thanks to our network and partners, Arab Business Leaders can offer you the best quality of services in all the countries where we are located.
Our teams possess a global awareness of the dynamics of each industry, designed to complement our local market knowledge. Our sector focus and expertise includes:

- Business services,

- Consumer and retail,
- Financial institutions,
- Financing,
- Healthcare
- Hotels and leisure,
- Industrials,
- Natural resources,

- Commodities,
- Real estate,
- Technology, media and telecoms,
- Utilities, transport and infrastructure.

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