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Young Arab Business Leaders

Young Arab Business Leaders is the branch of Arab Business Leaders dedicated to the youth from 18 to 28.

YoungABL is supported by Arab Business Leaders senior members. However, Young ABL team has its own board members and organizes its own events.

Young ABL is committed to the same fundamental values as the Senior ABL club, which are the respect, the excellence, the passion and the confidentiality.

YoungABL membership is open to motivated and gifted youth with outstanding academic background. The recruitment is open to various profiles:

  - Students from World's best universities in Bachelors, Master, MBAs, etc

  - Graduates working for top tier institutions in Banking, Consulting, Healthcare, Real Estate to Education or NGOs, etc;

  - Entrepreneurs with proven qualities of leadership;

YoungABL is a very restricted club with strict membership criteria. In each country, only few members have the privilage to join the club and therefore benefit from the network of senior members.

All our YoungABL members have a strong interest in the Arab World and want to "be a bridge between their country and the Middle East & North Africa"

YoungABL aims at being one of the most significant and fastest-growing young Arab clubs for business.





Why joining YoungABL?

University partnerships

YoungABL partners with the best universities in the World to favor student exchange programs with the Arab World. We believe that to strengthen the ties between the Arab World and the rest of the countries, we should focus on young generations and especially on students who are the future decision makers​.

International events

YoungABL will organize and participate to conferences with speakers from the Arab World. All our guests will be business professionals well established in the MENA region. They will share their experience with YoungABL members from all around the World.​

Mentorship programs

YoungABL will select few members to be mentored by Arab successful business professionals (businessmen/women, investors, top executives, entrepreneurs, etc).  Each member of the program will benefit from the experience of his/her mentor to be a future business leader.

Graduate programs

YoungABL, inserts some of its graduate members in our partner companies. The club has the duty to help its Young members to find job opportunities in the Middle East and thus give companies in the region the best talents from all around the World.

Criteria to apply

Each country has a very limited number of YoungABL members. The members are selected upon very strict criteria and we are only looking for gifted people, with outstanding background and who can give an added value to the organization.

To apply, each candidate must respect the following criteria:

   - Holding at least a bachelor Degree from a top tier univerisity;

   - Entrepreneurship experience (business or NGO);

   - 2 years of successful professional experience with international exposure;

   - Professional project in the Arab World.

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