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Our vision

Arab Business Leaders is committed to upholding the following objectives between the Middle East & North Africa and the rest of the World:

 - Networking
 - Entrepreneurship

 - Arab culture promotion

Our vision guides every aspect of our actions for the Arab World. Arab Business Leaders' mission is to promote leadership and entrepreneurship among the Arab world, and facilitate the business with the Arab countries by giving you the right partner in each Arab country to help you to succeed in your business.

We believe we can make a difference wherever we do business by investing in entrepreneurship, in youth, and by collapsing the boarder, cultural as well as business, with the Arab World.


Arab Business Leaders stands as one of the only Arab business organizations meant to link Arab business professionals in the 23 Arab countries with each other and with their counterparts in the international community.

We are based in more than 30 countries, and each ambassador and business partner in each country is committed to encourage the business opportunities and initiatives between his country and the Arab World.

We are not advisors, brokers or facilitators. We want to be business partners, supporting business professional from all around the World to set up their business in the Arab countries through our network with top business and political makers.

Creating a large international network of trustable and efficient people with interest in the Arab World.

Encouraging entrepreneurship in the Arab World

Entrepreneurship is considered as a key element in the development process.

Arab Business Leaders is committed to encourage the following steps to foster entrepreneurship intitiatives in the Arab World:

 - Entrepreneurship programs to enhances the value of human capital;
 - Capital funding: venture capital for funding business proposals in the Arab World;
 - Partnership with banking and financial organizations which provide credit entrepreneurs to make access to loan easier;
 - Organization of business events and gathering between entrepreneurs;

 - Organization of face to face meeting between entrepreneurs and investors;
 - Attracting more youth to entrepreneurial endeavors by having programs that appeal to them
 - Mentorship programs with successful Arab entrepreneurs to share their ideas and experiences,
 - Raise awareness in the Arab society of entrepreneurial programs and the access to such programs,

 - Trainings to enhance existing local managerial, technical and entrepreneurial skills;

Arab Business Leaders will focus its Entrepreneurship program on innovation and creativity to empower its members to be successful, innovative thinkers, value creators and entrepreneurial leaders. We aim to have a positive impact on the Arab world by empowering entrepreneurship to tackle the challenges of unemployment and build future international Arab leaders.

Promoting the Arab culture

Our organization is open to anyone, no matter the country, the religion or the gender. Our members share the same passion for the Arab World and they play the role of ambassadors of the Arab culture in their country of residency. They work on creating  a better future for the Arab countries by make the Arab culture and tradition known all our the World.

At Arab Business Leaders, we believe that doing business starts with knowing eachother and understanding eachother. Business is above all about people and not only figures, business plans or profit.

We work on developing future leaders and creating a knowledge-based society by recognizing, promoting and reinstating the role of culture, heritage and cross-cultural understanding in the region. We believe that culture implies the production of positive thoughts that inspire young Arab generations to lead positive change, while abiding by their cultural roots.

Arab Business Leaders is, therefore, committed to:

 - Expanding access to and participation in culture;
 - Promoting respect for culture and stimulating creativity and imagination;
 - Fostering intercultural dialogue to promote mutual understanding of regional culture and history.

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