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What are the benefits of joining Arab Business Leaders?

A unique platform for social networking,

Arab Business Leaders aims at promoting entrepreneurship and business between the Arab World and the rest of the countries.

Arab Business Leaders aims at helping its members to network, share ideas, create business opportunities with the Arab World. In a nutshell, we have the ambition to create a ''business bridge'' where cultural, social and lingual barriers are collapsed to pave the way for business to flourish between the Arab World and the rest of the countries.

Our programs


Arab Business Leaders provides a vehicle for motivated and passionate men and women who want to have a positive impact on the relationships between their country and the Arab World. We will be here to show them the path to achieve this objective and succeed in their business.

Our programs include:

​- Networking events,
- Leadership programs,
- Visibility to recruiters in the Middle East to attract the best international talents,
- NGO and charity actions,
- Broadcasting of business opportunities to all the members or targeted members,
- Mentorship programs with Arab businessmen/women,
- Meetings with Arab CEO and managers to discuss business in the Middle East and share their experiences,
- Venture capital funds and infrastructural support, mainly from investors from the Middle East,
- Discounts and other benefits from our partners and sponsors in the World.


An international network with a focus on the Middle East

Arab Business Leaders aims at creating one of the largest networks of businessmen and women with interest in business in the Arab World. It is among the only Arab clubs today that offers to its members a worldwide presence.
We have ambassadors and members in all the regions of the World to allow our members to be able to penetrate almost every single country,

The Middle East is today one of the most fast growing places in the World. Arab Business Leaders will help you to target the main business makers and inspirational business leaders in the region to make your project successful.
However, we do not focus only on business. Our wish is to promote the Arab World and make it better known by foreigners. Far from some stereotypes and bias, we want to show to the World another face of the Arab culture and countries.

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