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About Arab Business Leaders

"At Arab Business Leaders, we have the ambition to create a strong and powerful network of members to contribute to a prosperous Arab World where businessmen and women assume a prominent role in social and economic development''​

Arab Business Leaders is an independent organization meant to promote entrepreneurship and business between the Arab World and the rest of the countries. 


Rapid and strong economic, social and legal transformations are occurring in the Middle East. For the last ten years, the region has been changing and becoming more and more attractive to international investors. We believe that the MENA region has a major role to play in the current globalization and therefore we want to attract international investors to the region and at the same time assist Arab investor in their strategies abroad. 


Arab Business Leaders is not looking for recruiting a large number of members. We target excellence and therefore we select few people and companies to join us. Our selection is based on an excellent network, professional ethics and outstanding skills. Each member, individual or corporate, must give an added value to the organization. 


Our network counts top decision makers as: 


   - Business professionals: top executives, Managing Directors & Partners, CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs, 

   - Politicians: diplomats, government members, advisors, 

   - Governmental institutions: chambers of commerce, Ministries, Business Councils. 


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