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The team

To date, we are located in more than 30 countries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Americas and Asia. Our members include CEOs, diplomats, top managers, entrepreneurs, and decision makers in diverse fields.

Board of directors





​​​The Board of Directors is appointed to be in charge of the club's broad policies and objectives. The Board should be a fair picture of the diversity of the club. It will have the duty to represents all the regions in the World to create a favourable environment to do business with the Arab countries.

Heads of departments


​​The Heads of Departments are in charge of building the team in coordination with the Ambassadors to set up a successful strategy on a national, regional, and international scale.

Arab Business Leaders Heads of Departments work on building strong relationships with government entities and major public sector organizations between their country and the Arab World. They are also in charge of developing and maintaining relationships with regulators, government officials, family offices and influential business leaders.

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