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How to apply

We are only looking for motivated and passionate members who can give an added value to the others and who are very interested in doing business with a strong sense of integrity.

The procedure to apply:

1) Send your CV (or a complete description of your profile and background).

2) You need to be recommended either by one Arab Business Leaders member or by two top executives with who you had the opportunity to work.

3) If your application is considered for the next step, an interview is performed either face to face with our ambassador in your country of residence or over the phone with our Application Board.

4) Your application is then submitted for approval by our Application Board.

5) If the Application Board gives a positive answer to your application, a Due Diligence and a background checking might be done for some cases. At this stage we require a copy of your passport.

6) Once your application definitively approved, you will join our database and you be classified according to your nationality, country of residence, diploma, business field...

7) You are then officially an Arab Business Leaders members and you can contribute to create a business bridge between your country and the Arab World.

To apply, please contact us here

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